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Phone Systems

Fail Locked 1-3/4`` x 9``

Model: 0161

Phone Systems - Fail Locked 1-3/4`` x 9`` Use with Rim Exit Devices with Pullman Latches
12VAC/DC or 24VAC/DC
Accommodates 1/2' to 3/4' latch projection
Patented faceplate ramp design for use with rim exit devices
Horizontal adjustment
Fully reversible
Die-cast faceplate
Available with optional Double Door Housing for Pairs of Doors

Features & Benefits
Unique patented faceplate ramp design accommodates most deadlocking pins,
triggers or latches, ensuring security with most rim exit devices with Pullman-type latches.
Accommodates various rim exit device latch projections (from 1/2 to 3/4.)
The 1-5/8 deep electrical insert may be horizontally adjusted after final installation to correct door misalignments without altering the original faceplate location.
AC or DC input acceptable to all models.
Special-plated finishes available.
Fully reversible for left or right-hand doors.

*A minimum frame depth of 1-5/8 for surface-mounted installations and 1-7/8 for
semi-mortise installations is required.

UL1034 Burglary-resistant
Patented faceplate ramp design
Extensive Horizontal adjustment
Locking socket head fasteners

Designed especially to operate with rim exit devices. The 0161 has an attractive architectural appearance. It features a hazard-free beveled design with a unique ramp along which the trigger pin glides easily and securely.
Slotted horizontal holes on the 0161 faceplate allow correct alignment with the exit device before final installation.
Locking Socket allen-head cap screws prevent loosening and misalignment, which can occur with continual, door usage.

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