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ReKey Locks and Master Lock - RB Auto Locksmith

Did you experience a break in and you want to improve the security of your home or office? "I had a burglary here, I need a locksmith!" Or, do you just feel like your property can be safer? Whatever it is, we are here to solve your problem. At RB Auto Locksmith you can count on the most professional service of rekey.

Our experienced technicians are going to do the highest quality work of rekeying for you and keep it safe, because they have insurance, as well as bond and license. We've been doing this for more than 12 years, so you know you are dealing with experts.

What Is ReKey?

This particular service is about re-adjusting your lock so it will be impossible to open it with the old keys - you will have brand new ones. We adjust the tumblers in your lock and make it accessible only for new keys. You can do it in case of a break in or if you lost your keys and want to adjust your lock to new keys. Your safety is our priority!

At RB Auto Locksmith we offer you the following services:

  • Lock cylinder installation/replacement/upgrade
  • ReKey house locks
  • Lockset installation
  • Installing deadbolt lock
  • Schlage rekey or rekey Kwikset lock
  • Door Lock rekey
  • And more.

Master Lock Locksmith

Have you ever heard of master keying concept? It is a very modern, up-to-date style of keeping your business or home safe with the new system of keying. It means that from now on you will no longer need a bunch of keys to open all door-lock and locks in your house or office... You might need only one or two.

How does master key work?

With this technique we will make possible that a pair of different keys opens a certain lock - making sure to regulate access to certain areas, however it suits you, and furthermore, you will be able to access all of these areas with one key.

Where is master keying done?

This type of keying can be done in all the places where you have a certain number of same (of same manufacturer) or similar locks. So, it is most suitable for a bigger residence, a hospital, an office building or similar facilities.

Do you want to make your home secure by having a master key system installed? You can improve the security of your garden, gates, front and back entrance to the house, rooms whatever you think of. With the professionalism and experience of RB Auto Locksmith technicians you can get the highest quality master key locksmith service.

Warning - kindly note:

If you decide to do rekeying locks, be reminded that you may have started a certain cycle of rekeying over and over again. Unfortunately, it is so easy these days to accidentally lose your office or house keys, or to have them stolen... A standard key is easy to duplicate and any locksmith easily does it, even if only a serial number of the key is copied. So, it's not like all of your lock-related problems are going to be solved with rekeying, because you might have to do it again and again, and doing it many times is not a cheap thing to do.

Before you decide to take the step of rekeying, make sure to think it through before you do it - how and why is that going to benefit your organization and your needs. At RB Auto Locksmith we want you to know that we are here for you and we are working in your best interest. The trust of our customers is everything to us.

If you need a professional service of ReKey and master lock system installation, make sure to reach out to RB Auto Locksmith 24/7. 786-706-5040 Call Now!

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